Cooper’s Credit Consulting International is the everyday American’s ideal financial and credit health partner with a history rooted in a quest for heritage and legacy. Our credit repair practice founded by Adrianne Cooper, has an absolute commitment to helping our clients on a pathway to achieving the perfect credit health and score.

Adrianne Cooper, through her own personal journey to financial empowerment, was inspired to start a credit repair solution. She holds both a bachelor’s & Master of Business Administration from Langton and Wayland Baptist University respectively. She brings her years of work in the Army and with Fortune 500 companies to Cooper’s Credit Consulting. These immersive experiences in a fast-paced world of financially sensitive decision-makers and executives drives our service delivery and methods.

While serving clients across the United States and overseas we have amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise. These have positioned us to adequately assess the negative impacts of debt, divorce, student loan and financial crisis on access to credit and financial well-being. Cooper’s Credit Consulting offers the most personalized debt, budgeting, and credit solutions to clients whose financial burdens cause significant losses and might continue to create an adverse effect on their personal and corporate life.

The Cooper's Credit Consulting Approach

Our services are hinged on a philosophy of integrity, professional ethics, and reliability. We are driven by our mission to help you regain a healthy financial life. Our team of financial experts are committed to defining and pursuing prudent financial planning goals with our clients to ensure they have an overall beautiful outlook for the present and future. Cooper’s Credit Consulting works across culture and industry through an inclusive approach that’s designed to fit the lifestyle needs of small business owners, investors, realtors, corporate professionals, military, and overseas civilian contractors.

We’re proud to have served a diverse clientele to overcome the most severe financial odds, pay off their debts and achieve ideal credit scores. Through our tools and programs, we help our clients reach the financial milestones they never thought would be reachable. At Cooper Credit Consulting International, we guarantee quality services, dependability, and transparency.

Your Journey With Cooper's Credit Consulting International

At Cooper’s Credit Consulting International, we offer a variety of services for credit score repairs bringing all your dreams within reach of your financial goals. By identifying your most critical financial needs, we design debt counseling and credit management to help you navigate financial crises and maintain a healthy credit profile. We partner with financial institutions aligning with best practices that will improve the financial health of our customers in the short and long run.

Our team consists of credit repair specialists, and debt counselors, who act in your best interest and guide you every step of the way. Cooper Credit Consulting employs multiple communication channels including text, email, video, or web conferencing to facilitate extensive service support. Our services include:

  • Credit counselling
  • Debt consolidation
  • Trade Line services
  • Credit Builder Cards
  • Business Formation

We aim to provide a nationally recognized credit repair and financial solution to Americans looking to build wealth and legacy intentionally.

Our goal is to help our customers improve their financial situation and credit score through:

  • Thorough one-on-one coaching credit repair specialists.
  • Customized debt management programs to help customers to resolve debts.
  • Money management programs to achieve a healthier financial lifestyle.
  • 24/7 credit monitoring support for our clients while pursuing resolution of all credit issues.

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