10pcs Inkless Magic Pencil and Eraser Set


Never be without a writing implement again with this magic pencil and eraser set. It’s the perfect gift for the writer in your life!


Take writing to the next level with our 10 piece inkless graphite pencil set. Its woodless design is great for the environment, and great on the go without the need to sharpen. Just take a pencil out of your bag (or case), write, and if you make a mistake, you can erase it with its complementary macaron eraser.

Each of our brightly colored magic pencils lasts the equivalent of 159 ordinary pencils, giving you a lifetime of writing. Ideal for adults or children who are easily distracted in the classroom.

  • Set of 10 assorted colors
  • Eco-friendly wood design
  • Made in China
  • Quantity: 1 (set of 10)

Additional information

Weight 1.28 lbs


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